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 The descendants of Adriaen Jansen van Grimmelyckhuysen


The following pages contain the genealogical data for the descendants of Adriaen Jansen van Grimmelyckhuysen. This genealogy has not been published before, the ancestral charts and direct male lines have been derived from "40 Nazaten" (40 descendants), our ancestral charts book, that was provided to relatives and namesakes in the spring of 2002.


Around 1800, there were seven heads of family in the Netherlands bearing the family name and that were straight descendants of Adriaen Jansen. Two families lived in Maassluis, three in Leiden and two in Utrecht. Two families, one from Maassluis and another from Leiden have died out in the male line, every present namesake is hence a descendant of one of the remaining five heads of family.

From the Leiden families, one moved to The Hague and another to Amsterdam in the 19th century. In the 20th century, it is no longer possible to classify families by location although the namesakes in The Hague and Utrecht are somewhat more numerous. To maintain a good overview however, we have classified the descendants of Adriaen Jansen in the 20th and 21st  century in branches as they formed around 1800. 

The above has lead to the following classification of data;


      - the oldest generations until around 1800
      - the Maassluis branch from 1800 until the present

      - the Leiden / Amsterdam branch from 1800 until the present

      - the Leiden / The Hague branch from 1800 until the

      - the older Utrecht branch from 1800 until the present

      - the younger Utrecht branch from 1800 until the present

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